Passionate about each granule

Production of instant soluble granules for the food, pharmaceutical and dietary


Tradition and innovation: continuity between past, present and future


Since 1972, Vibar Nord has been working in contract manufacture of food products and dietary supplements in the form of granulated instant soluble powders.

The company is structured and flexible, capable of proposing innovative and versatile solutions to assist clients in all stages leading





Thanks to a “know-how” gained through decades of experience in contract manufacturing for the dietary, food and pharmaceutical industry, Vibar Nord is able to offer a wide range of products in powder (instant, dry mix or for direct compression), packaged or in bulk, with a high standard of quality.



Imagine, achieve, grow


The ability to understand customer needs and market trends, technical expertise and experience, are the resources that allow the R&D department to offer effective support to partners who rely on Vibar Nord to realize ideas and projects.

The renovated technological development



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